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As one of Europe’s most successful university student rocket societies, Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering performs spaceflight research and development on all fronts- from liquids and solid rockets to electronics and actively stabilised rockets.

DARE is pursuing the goal of becoming the first amateur rocketry society in space by reaching the Karman line at 100 kilometers altitude. We previously held the European amateur altitude record which was set by the Stratos II+ rocket that reached 21.5 kilometers in 2015. The Stratos III rocket was launched on the 26th of July at INTA, the Spanish space institute, with the aim to break the European altitude record for amateur rocketry. The rocket failed 20 seconds into flight above the ocean. Although the mission was not successful, the Stratos IV team is already completed and continued the project.

We are a group run within Delft University of Technology consisting entirely of Bachelor and Master students. The majority of our members study at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, but we have representatives from almost all faculties within the University.